SEI works to support efforts to reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience to disaster risks among individuals, communities and societies. We have a strong track record in sustainability science; risk assessment, vulnerability, adaptation and resilience research; as well as stakeholder engagement, collaborative learning, policy engagement and capacity-building. We are thus well positioned to support global, regional and local actions for disaster risk reduction (DRR).

SEI aims to support DRR efforts under the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Through the SEI Initiative on Transforming Development and Disaster Risk, we seek to integrate DRR with equitable, sustainable and resilient development. Our focus is on how to transform the relationship between development and DRR, to turn development from a root cause of disaster risk into a means for reducing risk.

We are identifying the underlying causes of vulnerability and drivers of risk in different contexts, and working to strengthen the adaptive capacity of DRR actors and build resilience. As an independent think tank, SEI has the ability to combine holistic, cross-cutting, policy-relevant scientific research and analysis with effective engagement and implementation support. This gives SEI a competitive advantage over organizations that focus either exclusively on scientific research or on project implementation.

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