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Going Clean: The Economics of China’s Low‐carbon Development

This report shows how China may cut carbon emissions deeply and minimise the adverse effects on its economy over the next 40 years.

Karl Hallding, Lailai Li, Frank Ackerman, Marie Jürisoo / Published on 21 January 2010

Gang, F.; Stern, N.; Edenhofer, O.; Xu, S.; Eklund, K.; Ackerman, F.; Li, L.; Hallding, K. (2009). Going Clean: The Economics of China’s Low‐carbon Development. Gang, F., N. Stern, O. Edenhofer, X. Shanda, K. Eklund, F. Ackerman, L. Li, K. Hallding (editorial board) (2009). Going clean – the economics of China’s low-carbon development. Stockholm: SEI, Chinese Economists 50 Forum. ISBN 9789186125165.

The report, Going Clean: the economics of China’s low-carbon development, by the Chinese Economists 50 Forum and SEI, says that emission reductions up to 2050 can be made for example through:

  • Energy efficiency gains through improved building design, standards for electrical appliances and the use of less energy-intensive materials
  • A massive shift towards the use of renewable energy such as wind and solar energy, municipal solid waste and biomass, and small hydropower
  • Electric vehicles for road transport
  • Using Carbon Capture and Storage technology in new coal-fired power plants
  • A better international cooperation mechanism that can channel more finance and technologies from developed countries

The report by Chinese, Swedish, German, British and American experts says that these changes would also present opportunities for China to improve its energy security and move its economy higher up the international value chain.

The and the background papers which it builds on, have been developed under the project Research and Forum on Economics of Climate Change – Towards a Low-Carbon Economy in China. The project has been jointly led by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the Chinese Economists 50 Forum (CE50).

Download the report (pdf, 2 mb)

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