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National Environmental Performance on Planetary Boundaries

Sweden’s current environmental policy recognizes that the links between human drivers and impacts of environmental problems cross geographical scales and national borders.

Björn Nykvist, Åsa Persson, Linn Persson / Published on 30 June 2013

Nykvist, B.,Å. Persson, F. Moberg, L. Persson, S. Cornell, J.Rockström (2013). National Environmental Performance on Planetary Boundaries. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Report 6576, June 2013.

The overarching “generational goal” now addresses the importance of limiting Sweden’s impact abroad. How to evaluate the generational goal, and where and how to direct Sweden’s limited means and legal competence to shape global developments that influence its own environmental objectives are therefore important questions for Sweden’s international environmental policy work.

This report for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency examines whether and how the planetary boundaries framework offers tools and perspectives on how to work with the two-way interaction between Swedish and global environmental pressures and performance. It establishes national-level boundaries for climate change, nitrogen, water and land use and assesses the performance of Sweden and 60 other countries.

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