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Policy dialogue on a bioeconomy for sustainable development in Colombia

This report summarizes and explores a workshop for experts in Colombia that focused on which vision of the bioeconomy currently prevails in that country, and its relationship with environmental and social sustainability.

Nella Canales, Juanita Gómez González / Published on 9 April 2020
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Canales, N. and Gómez González, J. (2020). Policy Dialogue on a Bioeconomy for Sustainable Development in Colombia. SEI Report, April 2020. Stockholm Environment Institute, Bogotá.

The report provides background on the bioeconomy in Colombia, then presents the bioeconomy visions developed by each of four working groups in the workshop, identifying which elements of the bio-technology, bio-resources or bio-ecology visions were highlighted by each group.

The authors then summarize the common points of the paths identified by each group, and present reflections on environmental and social aspects of each, and present some conclusions.


Download the report / PDF / 4 MB

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