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Supporting just transitions to a sustainable water sector in Bolivia

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Supporting just transitions to a sustainable water sector in Bolivia

This report aims to learn from past climate adaptation projects by  Climate Investment Funds in Bolivia’s water sector to inform future efforts to support just transitions.

Claudia Strambo, Cláudia Coleoni, Marisa Escobar / Published on 22 April 2023


Climate Investment Funds (2023). Supporting just transitions to a sustainable water sector in Bolivia. Climate Investment Funds and Stockholm Environment Institute.

Water is not just a necessity; it’s the lifeblood of Bolivia’s national development and climate goals. From providing universal access to basic services to bolstering food security and decarbonizing the energy sector, achieving these ambitions hinges on securing ample water resources. However, Bolivia is currently grappling with a pressing water crisis. Limited supplies, coupled with population growth and escalating water usage in agriculture, industry, and energy, are fueling an alarming surge in demand.

Adding to the predicament, climate change is intensifying the strain on Bolivia’s already stretched water supplies. Moreover, mining, deforestation, urbanization, and untreated wastewater are further endangering water quality.

Addressing these challenges requires sweeping and profound transformations to establish more sustainable and inclusive water resource management practices. Given the potentially disruptive nature of these changes, careful implementation is crucial. Planning for a just transition becomes paramount to prevent adverse impacts on individuals, communities, governments, and businesses.

In this compelling report, part of a series delving into the intersection of Climate Investment Funds (CIF) investments and the pursuit of just transitions, we delve into Bolivia’s water resource management from a just transition perspective. Drawing valuable insights from CIF-funded projects under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR), we glean lessons from past experiences to guide future endeavors by CIF and other stakeholders seeking to explicitly support just transitions in the water sector, not only in Bolivia but also in other regions around the globe.

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Claudia Strambo

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