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Sustainable Community Hökarängen, Heat domain – Stockholm: Exploring transition pathways to sustainable, low carbon societies case study

This case study report examines the Sustainable Hökarängen project as an example of a heat/building niche within the framework of the Pathways project.

Katarina Axelsson / Published on 15 June 2016

Axelsson, K. (2016). Sustainable Community Hökarängen, Heat domain - Stockholm: Exploring transition pathways to sustainable, low carbon societies case study. PATHWAYS project 603942, Deliverable D3.3. 15.06.16.

Sustainable Community Hökarängen was a sustainable community initiative outside of Stockholm implemented during 2012–2015 that used an action research approach to create engagement among residents and other local stakeholders around increased energy and resource efficiency within the community. The initiative was led by the public housing company Stockholmshem in collaboration with the company Sustainable Innovation (Sust) and with SEI engaged as the research partner.

The results illustrate that the initiative was important for inspiring several community residents to transition to a more resource efficient lifestyle and for strengthening the social sustainability in the community. Several groups were formed that appear to be well placed to remain in the area and to continue addressing local and global sustainability issues after project closure.

Download the case study (external link – PDF)

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Katarina Axelsson
Katarina Axelsson

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