Transport is a major source of greenhouse gases and it is increasing emissions faster than any other sector of the economy. Growing levels of car use, road freight and flying have created difficulties in reducing transport’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The report presents a phased programme of technological, financial and behavioural changes could secure the following potential cuts in (CO2 ) emissions compared to business-as-usual approach:

– 100 per cent  in road transport (cars and lorries)
– 100 per cent  in rail transport
– 56 per cent  in aviation
– 49 per cent  in shipping

The resulting overall reduction for transport in the UK by 2050 is 76%.

It takes an evidence-based approach meaning that reductions are only included if there are  already-available experience showing that reductions can be achieved. Further policy approaches might be possible but the report demonstrates what can be achieved just with policies for which there is already good evidence for their practical delivery.

Download the project report here (PDF: 1.59MB)