The implementation of CHeW has highlighted that for inclusive and sustainable cities, planning processes need to be participatory, and that tailored tools and methods can help to achieve. Through urban consultations with stakeholders, the Urban Toolbox has been designed to address the challenges they face in terms of accessing user-friendly resources with clear guidance for usage.

Available on the digital platform weADAPT, the Urban Toolbox gathers urban-related tools used in SEI research. The included tools will provide a range of resources that can be used by city stakeholders to address a variety of urban development challenges and promote more inclusive and participatory governance.

In this brief, the authors describe the process used to co-design the Urban Toolbox through consultative workshops with city stakeholders. They then share the key findings of the workshops and how they designed the toolbox in response to these.

back of a person's head, looking at a map with hands writing on the map. © DANIEL MWAMBA, ZAMBIA ROAD SAFETY TRUST (ZRST)

© Daniel Mwamba, Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST)