Aerial view of Nairobi skyline, Kenya

Aerial view of Nairobi skyline, Kenya. Amani Nation / Unsplash .

World Athletics tested a new method of monitoring air pollution during the U20 Championships Nairobi 2021 from 18–22 August 2021 as part of its ongoing research into the correlation between air quality, athletic performance and respiratory symptoms or conditions. Athletes were also surveyed on their attitudes towards climate change and sustainability as part of the World Athletics Sustainability Strategy.

“The World Athletics initiative at Kasarani Stadium builds on previous efforts by UNEP, SEI, the MIT Senseable City Lab, C40 and others to deploy a dense network of sensors in Nairobi for a better understanding of health effects and to identify and correlate the patterns with different activities and sources like never before.”

– Miguel Escribano, Business Development Director for Kunak, the manufacturer of the air quality monitoring devices, said: