A new SEI study in Environmental Research Communications focuses on the integrated assessment of climate, air pollution and the health impacts of food production and consumption. The authors discuss how healthier diets can reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and calls for a reduction in food waste during processing, retail and consumption.

By taking actions aimed at climate change, the agricultural sector can help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Changing global food consumption patterns towards healthier diets would see reductions in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions”

Chris Malley, lead author of the study

He describes how the modelling tool can estimate health impacts such as malnutrition, obesity and other dietary risk factors linked to agricultural production.

“It allows national planners to undertake integrated assessments of the health impacts of food production and consumption, alongside greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, as they undertake their climate change mitigation planning.”

–Chris Malley

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