Graphic: SEI Asia.

The workshop will allow stakeholders to co-create scenarios and pathways for bioeconomy in Southeast Asia, with some special emphasis on experiences in Thailand but also considering global developments.

The programme agenda will highlight actions, strategies, and policies in applying bioeconomy specially to increase climate resiliency, sustainable livelihood, and fostering regional partnership to improve well-being and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event is designed to provide an opportunity for participants and speakers to jointly explore the direction of bioeconomy development and opportunities to further integrate the concept in sectors such as agri-food systems, agribusiness, energy, and other relevant sectors.

Participants will co-create the results, with the guidance of facilitators. These results will also be compared with regional workshops being held in Africa and Latin America and will then feed into the Global Bioeconomy summit.


  • To contribute on how to advance a sustainable bioeconomy at different levels, and in different socio-economic and geographical contexts, beyond visions and strategies, and moving towards implementation and concrete action plans;
  • To better articulate the alternative pathways for innovation systems and platforms for artisanal and/or community-based bioeconomy development in Thailand and Southeast Asia and show how these pathways can add value and spur wider sustainability transformations.

Please note that the webinar is open to public and the afternoon workshop is invitation-only.

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