Improved water management across sectors must play an enhanced role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Many of the concepts, technologies and resources required to support cross sectoral, more climate friendly water management already exist, but are not systematically available. Considering the urgency of mitigation and adaptation, an unprecedented level of cooperation between sectors, leaving silo thinking behind, is mandatory to trigger and unleash maximum SDG6 and SDG13 synergies.

By discussing international collaboration cases with a high practical potential in breakout sessions, conclusions to facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration are elaborated. The results will be evaluated in the plenary.

The objective of the event is to pave way for an “avalanche of collaboration”. Motivation is a main driver to start this journey. Important key factors imparted during the session are:

  • the benefits of cross sectoral collaboration between water, sanitation, energy, agriculture and DRR,
  • the requirement for facilitating framework conditions as e.g., legislation and financial support,
  • stakeholder perspectives and value creation by collaboration,
  • the process of partnership formation,
  • the value of existing guidelines, publications, SDG 17 (partnership) and of collaboration between SDG 6 (water/ sanitation) and SDG 13 (climate).


An avalanche of collaboration triggering maximum SDG6 and SDG13 synergies

  • Moderator of the session: Shobana Srinivasan, GIZ

Shaping the water sector to be more climate resilient: A plea for greater and wider collaboration

  • Presenter of the paper: Leonardo van Straaten, EXP Consulting

Pitches for breakout sessions

 1: The role of Social Business collaborations in the climate change context

  • Facilitator: Christian Wiebe, Viva con Agua

The Spouts of Water case

  • Daniel Yin, CEO Spouts

WASH’n’SOUL case

  • Amanda Mallaghan, Project Manager

Interactive discussion
Wrap up

  • George Aribo, Welthungerhilfe (WHH) and
  • Katharina Bruns, soulbottles

2: Climate change adaptation and mitigation in urban areas: water and sanitation

  • Facilitator: Martin Kerres, GIZ

Introducing Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation (WaCCliM) Roadmap

  • Nadine Ghantous, GIZ

WaterWorX Case Study

  • Anke Verheij, Viten Evides International (VEI)

Interactive discussion

Wrap Up

  • Nadine Ghantous, GIZ and
  • Mintje Büürma, GIZ



End of session


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • EXP Consulting
  • soulbottles
  • Spouts of Water
  • Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Sustainable Sanitation Alliance
  • Viva con Agua
  • WaterWorX


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