The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is a global network of people and organizations who collaborate in the production and sharing of knowledge and experiences which promote and incentivize sustainable sanitation, contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. SuSanA has regional chapters whose main objective is to better connect with the region’s characteristics and local needs, allowing SuSanA’s products and services to be more locally accessible and applicable.

SuSanA Latin America aims to strengthen the production and exchange of regional knowledge on inclusive and sustainable water and sanitation management, promote better practices through the application of integrated and closed-loop solutions, and build alliances for the development of consensus on and standardization of basic water and sanitation service management in the Latin America region. More specifically the chapter will strive:

  1. To foster knowledge-based alliances and networks in the region
  2. To promote best practices, focusing on slums, isolated communities, ethnic groups, etc. and the sanitation chain as a whole (from user interface to treatment, safe disposal and/or reuse); and
  3. To develop consensus and standardization of sanitation-related processes at the regional level.