In the past 20 years, floods and droughts in South and Southeast Asia resulted to more than 166,000 deaths and affected three billion people, with a total economic damage of almost US$700 billion.

Women for Water Partnership (WfWP) in conjunction with its partners NetWwater (NWW) and Soroptimist International of the Southwest Pacific (SISWP), with support from the Stockholm Environmental Institute’s Strategic Collaborative Fund will conduct a series of webinars that aim to unpack the different facets of climate change, water and women.


6 Oct 2020 – Kolkata’s Wetlands: Women Confronting Climate Change

This webinar highlighted a case study from the East Kolkata Wetlands, the largest ensemble of sewage-fed wetlands by the side of a city, with a wetland community that understands how to utilise the environment for beneficial use.

8 Oct 2020 – drinkPani: Nepali Women and Youth in Action

Recognising a lack of data sharing between water supply schemes, drinkPani intends to bridge the information gap between water utilities and communities. The project taps the youth as key actors, with support from women’s groups, in using ICTs to reach policy makers.

13 Oct 2020 – Rural Bengal Women: Coping with Climate Change

Nishtha , a community-based women’s organisation that aims to empower girls and women in marginalised rural communities in West Bengal, India to respond to climate-induced disaster risks.

15 Oct 2020 – Harvesting Nature’s Bounty: The Sarawak Story

Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia (SIROM) launched a project in 2018, entitled ‘Clean Water for Rural Communities’ to address the lack of clean water in two remote, rural villages in Malaysia. The first project was implemented in Kampung Long Tanyit, Belaga District, Sarawak while the second was implemented in Kampung Gana, Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia.

20 Oct 2020 – Facing Nature’s Fury: Women Take Charge in Lombok, Indonesia

Rebuk Satu village in Lombok, Indonesia had no regular water supply; it had an almost-dried up well that is unable to supply clean water for its residents.

This webinar featured a women-led initiative in Rebuk Satu which aims to facilitate clean water, WASH facilities, agricultural efficiency and food security, access to capacity building, and a range of community training and awareness programmes including those focused on climate change and water conservation.

22 Oct 2020 – Khung Bang Kachao: Keeping Bangkok’s Green Lung Breathing

The OUR Khung Bang Kachao Project works to improve the local community’s environment and quality of life through a well-designed ‘social collaboration’ approach towards a stable and sustainable growth path.

The social collaboration approach allows each and every project partner from the government, private sector, and civil society (inclusive of all concerned and interested community groups and individuals such as women, elders, youths, disabled people, and the disadvantaged) to bring the expertise, knowledge, capital, innovation, and technology to mutualize their efforts in implementing the shared goals through joint working teams.

Closing conference:

2 Nov 2020 – Women, Water, Climate: Tackling the Challenges’ The Way Forward – Day One

3 Nov 2020 – Women, Water, Climate: Tackling the Challenges’ The Way Forward – Day Two

A trailer to a Series of Online Webinars culminating in a two-day online event beginning 6 October to 3 November 2020. (Video: WfWP)

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Women, Water, Climate: The Way Forward

The Way Forward seeks to lay foundations for a strong voice, and choice for all women, thecommunity, and water professionals, proposing climate-resilient, gender cognisant decision-making.

The Way Forward suggests taking a decisive step forward in promoting a gold standard in the water and climate sector by operationalising the key principles in all women, climate and water programmes, projects, and activities.

Date: 26 July 2021