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SEI Asia videos and podcasts: Growing visibility and policy engagement

SEI Asia produces a range of multimedia products from short films to podcasts and animations. Watch and listen to them here and share them with your networks.

Rajesh Daniel, Jessica Tana, Variya Plungwatana / Published on 24 October 2022

SEI Asia’s strategic communication efforts are driven by the need to provide scientific knowledge for evidence-based policies.  We strive to communicate complex scientific findings in simple, easy-to-understand products that resonate with a range of audiences, particularly policymakers and media.

Our Asia communications team strives to provide credible information and facilitate dialogue to foster understanding,engagement and informed decision-making.

Our communications initiatives include the Asia policy podcast series, media grants, documentary films on climate change and sustainability, and online learning modules using multimedia. Find out more on our fact sheet below:

Environmental defenders and disaster risk reduction

These videos show why it is crucial to acknowledge environmental defenders as important actors in disaster risk reduction.


Video: SEI / YouTube.

Meet SEI Asia

Meet SEI Asia researchers and learn about their work and research through these short videos.

Short videos:

Video: SEI / YouTube.

SEI Asia podcast series: Environment and Policy in Asia

SEI Asia’s podcast series is a platform for dialogue on critical environmental challenges in Asia and how to address them.

Asia in Focus

Asia in Focus is a series by UNDP exploring the interconnections between business, human rights, climate change and the environment.

Guest appearance:

Video: UNDP Business and Human Rights / YouTube.

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