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Heidi Tuhkanen

Senior Expert (Environmental Management Programme)

Heidi Tuhkanen

Heidi Tuhkanen is a senior expert at SEI Tallinn.

Since joining SEI in 2008, Heidi has worked on a broad set of sustainable development issues involving governance, decision-making processes, and assessments. Heidi’s academic background is in urban sustainability, but in addition to urban climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, her work has also included the interaction between the private sector, society, and the environment.

Heidi holds a master’s degree in Urban Environmental Management (MSc) from Wageningen University (NL) and is currently working on her PhD at University of Helsinki in the Urban Environmental Policy research group. Heidi is member of the Cicero-led Expert Network on Second Opinions (ENSO) which provides Second Opinions of Green Bond Frameworks, the IRDR International Centre of Excellence on Transforming Development and Disaster Risk hosted in SEI Asia, and the Advisory Group in the SEI Gender, Social Equality and Poverty Programme.

Topics of interest include ecosystem approach, nature based solutions, disaster risk reduction, equity, urban governance, corporate sustainability, environmental management, green bonds, and local level capacity building.

Expertise: Local level and urban sustainability, sustainability and environmental management (systems, indicators, and tools), climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction.


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