Finding the tools and solutions for green infrastructure to be applied within the urban planning of Baltic sea area countries is in the center of this project. Searching and testing new digital tools in the urban planning context is important, as they can lower the barriers  to participation and support the implementation of the carbon neutrality goals in cities. Green infrastructure solutions are important factors in climate change adaptation and reaching carbon neutrality goals, defining value for properties, ensuring the wellbeing of residents and the quality and biodiveristy of of the urban ecosystems.

The B.Green project will provide the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn with a new understanding of how to account for green infrastructure in different contexts. It will also provide an opportunity to test and pilot the effects of novel digital tools and green infrastructure solutions, and engage a wide range of stakeholders in this process. The pilots will be carried out in Kalasatama district in Helsinki and Pelgulinn, Mustjõe and Väike Õismäe-Veskimetsa in Tallinn.

The project is carried out by the City of Helsinki, City of Tallinn, SEI Tallinn and Forum Virium. The budget of the project is 1 302 618 €.