Photo: Markus Spize/Unsplash

Since 2019, the Bank and SEI have tested and developed the methodology, which allows data-driven analysis using automated software to match each project to the SDG targets it is contributing to. This type of mapping will be applied to the WB portfolio for the FY20 Sustainable Development Bond Impact Report . Projects for FY18 and FY19 will also be analyzed, and this mapping will be published on the WB website. In addition, the project will result in a white paper describing the methodology developed.

The methodology consists of two phases. The first one is a quantitative content analysis approach that involves extracting words automatically from the text to analyze them statistically. The second phase refers to creating coding rules looking for specific expressions and sentence structures – this allows the identification of concepts and meanings in the text. We designed this coding to find SDG-related topics, based on the text from the WB projects and the SDG description. The identified codes are then statistically analyzed to deepen the insights and find correlations between the WB projects and the SDGs.

Both phases intend to jointly provide a better picture of the SDGs being most impacted by the reviewed WB projects. An ambitious undertaking would be to create a coding protocol to analyze all WB projects automatically, which could have applicability to many other sectors of development.


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