SSFC is a unique collaboration between SEI and Stockholm School of Economics  (SSE). This brings together a leading research university in financial markets and economics and a highly ranked institute working on environmental impact and broader sustainable development issues. Together with Stockholm Green Digital Finance , SSFC combines research, education, and innovation on sustainability, finance and new technologies.

Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre



The financial sector must be part of making life on this planet sustainable. It already plays a role in channeling investments into green technologies, energy-efficient buildings, and climate-friendly transport. Now governments and financial institutions must pick up the pace and ensure investments are delivering across the entire agenda set out by the Sustainable Development Goals and across all geographies, from the most developed economies or in rapidly growing emerging markets.

The Centre’s vision is to support financial actors in their crucial role in changing our economies and to make the necessary shift in capital allocation to deliver the sustainable development agenda.

Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre hopes to achieve this by finding innovative solutions, developing tools, through research and capacity building.

The main activities of Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre pivot around three central pillars:

  1. SSFC performs demand driven research and pushes the frontiers to understand how financial flows can support the implementation of the SDGs and how we can move towards sustainable and more long-term decisions.
  2. SSFC trains and educates today’s and tomorrow’s professionals to incorporate sustainability into financial decisions.
  3. SSFC engages with relevant change agents and actors in the financial sector to deliver solutions and innovations in close cooperation and collaboration across different stakeholder groups within the sector.