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Analysis of opportunities for hydrogen deployment in Estonia

The aim of the applied research was to identify the potential of the production, distribution and consumption of green and blue hydrogen in Estonia and the capacity for its deployment.

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The research aims to identify the potential for the production, distribution, and consumption of green and blue hydrogen in Estonia and its deployment capacity.

The project is based on the agreed goals at the Estonian and EU level as well as the technical and economic reasonability of using hydrogen. Also, the potential need for state support, possible support measures (volume of support, scope, and regulations), and the socio-economic effects of hydrogen are analyzed in the study.

This research used a holistic approach to hydrogen production and use in Estonia, assessing its potential, mapping out opportunities, bottlenecks, market barriers and threats, and the so-called strategic breakthroughs for the future, including identifying and evaluating potential business models. The study gives an overview of the potential role of hydrogen in meeting national and regional energy needs.

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The Government Office of the Republic of Estonia 

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Energy : Energy access, Renewables
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SEI Tallinn

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