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Analysis of the appropriateness and timeliness of Estonian national sustainable development strategy “Sustainable Estonia 21”

Estonia has had its national sustainable development strategy Sustainable Estonia 21 in place since 2005 when it was approved by the Parliament. The strategy formulates goals and mechanisms for their achievement until the year 2030 to ensure the sustainability of Estonia.

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Piret Kuldna

Senior Expert (Environmental Management Programme)

SEI Tallinn

Harri Moora

Programme Director, Senior Expert (Environmental Management Programme)

SEI Tallinn

Helen Poltimäe

Senior Expert (Sustainable Development Programme)

SEI Tallinn

The project’s aim was to review Sustainable Estonia 21 in the light of the current global, regional and national trends to identify whether the strategy needs updating after 11 years of its adoption.

Furthermore, the recently agreed United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development indicates the course of action to be pursued. The project output were proposals for updating the content and structure of the strategy as well as its monitoring system in Estonia. The results were presented at a conference in the Estonian Parliament on 30 November 2016.

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