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FP7 APRAISE – Assessment of Policy Interrelationships and Impacts on Sustainability in Europe

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Piret Kuldna

Senior Expert (Environmental Management Programme)

SEI Tallinn

Helen Poltimäe

Senior Expert (Sustainable Development Programme)

SEI Tallinn

The EU has formulated ambitious environmental policy targets in a variety of sectors aimed at forming the basis for a sustainable European growth with increasing prosperity and reduced pressure on natural resources and the environment.

In addition, the focus on interrelationships and tradeoffs at each policy level on different scales of observation is of crucial importance when designing efficient policy mixes that can lead Europe to more significant sustainable pathways.

In the above framework, APRAISE can offer European and national policy makers a more holistic understanding of the interaction of different policies so that efficient policies can be formulated. APRAISE is expected provide policy makers with an improved understanding of:

  • The efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of existing and potentially new environmental policies,
  • How these policies could interact, and
  • What could be the impact of such policy interactions on achieving social, environmental and economic goals at both the European and Member State level.
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