The focus of this research was the adoption of advanced cookstoves in Kiambu County, Kenya. The insights and hypotheses presented in this report will be further investigated in a subsequent case study in 2016. The research constitutes one work stream – factors influencing individual behaviour – within the SEI Initiative on Behaviour and Choice. The initiative also investigates the effects of peers on individual choice and behaviour and the influence of institutions or structures beyond the household. Findings from the three work streams in two case studies will be synthesized and used to develop a conceptual framework for understanding behaviour change in the adoption of household technologies. The research presented here was conducted using service design methodology.

We applied these methods in Kenya to map out, from the users’ perspective, the ecosystem for a biomass pellet cookstove, and to visualize behaviour change over time during the introduction of a new technology. The method allowed us to identify key insights about drivers of behavioural change within the system and to pinpoint critical moments where attention to the needs of these groups could enhance users’ experience of the new cookstove and fuel, and support the formation of new habits.

Download the report (PDF, 23.9MB)