Stream of faucet water pouring into children’s hands in southern Burkina Faso

Photo: Jadwiga Figula / Getty Images

Water quality and sanitation issues persist throughout the world, and in many cases, WASH actions are not integrated into watershed planning.

A typical Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) model integrates aggregated values of community-level demands; therefore, within this approach, it is difficult to determine the household-level water supply situation at any given moment. Additionally, most models do not consider sanitation, leaving behind the analysis related to environmental contamination due to pollution from inadequate sanitation systems.

WASH Flows, a new tool developed by the Bolivia WATCH team, aims to combine all goals into a single planning process, encompassing all water supply sources.

This brief describes the need for and utility of WASH Flows and presents a case study from Bolivia’s Tupiza watershed.