Bridge to Sommaroy in Tromsø, Norway.

Bridge to Sommaroy in Tromsö, Norway. Photo: Marco Bottigelli / Getty Images.

According to the UN, the conference aims to evaluate progress and challenges to achieving the objectives of the International Decade for Action, including the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs). Governments and stakeholders are encouraged to commit to achieving SDG 6 and other water-related goals by contributing pledges to the Water Action Agenda .

SEI researchers will be in New York from 21-24 March and are available for comments and analysis. Please see below for a list of SEI contacts on-site, their areas of expertise and languages spoken. If you need guidance, you can always contact SEI media contacts using the information provided.

UN 2023 Water Conference special page

Our UN 2023 Water Conference special page features actions proposed by SEI experts, SEI-hosted events, spokespeople, and media contacts.

The perspectives From talk to action: 3 priorities for a water-secure futureThe next Water Action Agenda must be gender transformative and Include the fossil-free transition in the next Water Action Agenda, outline priorities.

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