A heavily polluted residential area.

PM2.5 composition can include harmful chemicals such as vehicle exhaust fumes, soot from burning tyres and asbestos. Photo: Thorsten Gast / EyeEm / Getty Images

SEI Africa in Nairobi is partnering with others to monitor air quality in Kenya to inform policy change.

The Nairobi county approached the UN Environment Programme (Unep) which, together with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), installed an automatic real-time air quality sensor in January 2020.

“The air quality equipment is supposed to provide residents with pollution early-warning, identify pollution hotspots and encourage behaviour change among industries to avoid polluting.”

— Dr Philip Osano, Director of SEI Africa

Two sensors—one from Unep and another installed by Nema—have already picked up on high pollution levels of PM2.5.

Health workers trained by Philip Osano on how to conduct a survey on energy, health and air pollution in 2018. Photo: William Apondo / SEI.