An evening of traffic congestion and air pollution: Increased funding for air quality monitoring and research can save children from respiratory diseases due to pollution. Photo: Arjun Lama / Unsplash .

SEI Africa in Nairobi is partnering with other organizations to support policy on air quality in Kenya to inform change.

The Nairobi county has been working with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and SEI to develop the 2019–2023 Air Quality Action Plan.

“We know from global satellite data estimates that outdoor pollution in Kenya is increasing. Further, the most recent Kenya Economic Survey indicates that respiratory illnesses account for 39 percent of disease incidence in Kenya’s health facilities.”

— Dr. Andriannah Mbandi, Research Fellow at SEI Africa

The county assembly of Nairobi was supposed to develop a policy framework from the action plan to ensure that the existing laws are adhered to, while new ones are implemented to curb air pollution within the city, industries, and residential estates.

Nairobi South Ward Member of the County Assembly Esther Chege has prepared a motion to the county executive and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services in an effort to push forward the action plan, and “to urgently develop an air quality policy and legislation to provide mechanisms for improving air quality in the city and present the same to the National Assembly for approval.”