“‘World is at boiling point’: humanity must redefine relationship with nature,” reads the headline of the article about the Stockholm+50: Unlocking a better future report covered by The Guardian shortly after the report was launched on 18 May 2022. The words are SEI Research Director and Deputy Director Åsa Persson’s.

“In many ways, the world is at boiling point – with extreme temperatures in south Asia, escalating fuel and food prices, and war and conflict,” said Persson. “In our report, we seek to connect the big picture of intertwined planetary and inequality crises with the promising momentum for change that we see in public awareness and key technologies, to shift from urgency to agency.”

She expresses hope for the future and at the same time disappointment with the insufficient actions taken since 1972.

The report is published ahead of a UN meeting, Stockholm+50 , which marks 50 years since the pivotal environment gathering in the Swedish capital in 1972.

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