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Research areas

SEI Headquarters addresses themes such as industrial transitions; ecosystems management; sustainable consumption and lifestyles; governance of land and natural resources; and cross-scale governance and geopolitics.

Industrial transitions

SEI’s ongoing work on industrial transitions is helping business sectors navigate their way towards a sustainable future. Our work relies on science-stakeholder collaborations for better decision-making. Conducted in close partnership with industry stakeholders, we use interactive workshops to create exploratory scenarios, developing ideas and concrete action points. The aim is to evaluate how industries can eliminate pollution, contribute societal value, and address global and local sustainability challenges.

Ecosystem management

Ecosystem management is a topic which comprises of projects focusing on the sustainable management of natural resources. This includes for instance environmental management, food production and security issues, eco-hydrology, sustainable land and water management and governance, biodiversity and ecosystem services, making data transparent and accessible.

A woman arranging agricultural plants

Ibu Rosalina arranging Kacang Panjang bush. Photo: Icaro Cooke Vieira, CIFOR / Flickr.

Sustainable consumption and lifestyles

SEI Headquarters has a large and growing portfolio of research projects on sustainable consumption and lifestyles. The centre will continue to carry out sustainable consumption research and engagement activities at different levels through our work on incentives for change including policy instruments, on developing indicators, on further developing our footprint calculators and in lifestyles choices.

Rooftop garden at sunset

Rooftop garden at sunset. Photo: Alexander Synaptic / Flickr.

Governance of land and natural resources

In the broad work area of land and natural resource management the centre is addressing a range of topics such as disaster risk reduction, coastal management and nutrient pollution, resource recovery, urban development, conflict management in land use planning and impact assessments. A common denominator of these projects is the use of participatory research methods.

View from a pier in Solavagen in Alesund, Norway. Photo: mariusz kluzniak / Flickr.

Global governance – navigating uncertain futures

Governance across scales and in various contexts is at the core of this field of research. Changing trends in globalisation present a new set of challenges to international cooperation pertaining to environmental change, economic development and global security issues. On the policy side, the SDGs continue to generate a need for knowledge and institutional support. Several projects in the SEI portfolio actively address these issues in terms of topical themes as well as development of methodological approaches, including scenario development and co-creation processes.

Fishermen from West Bengal and Orissa, India, work together to bring in the harvest. Photo: United Nations Development Program / Flickr.