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International climate risk and adaptation

The International Climate Risk and Adaptation team works to understand, manage and support adaptation to climate risk, particularly as it cascades across national borders and threatens to disrupt global systems. We are interested in how the “next generation” of climate risk can be better managed and governed across scales – the new coalitions that will rise to meet the challenge, the innovative solutions that will reduce the risks, the effective diplomacy that will strengthen systemic, equitable and just resilience.

We are a geographically dispersed team and thrive on connection and collaboration. We understand climate risk as interconnected and borderless – a whole-of-society challenge that requires a whole-of-society response. With our expertise in global climate risk and policy, transnational governance and international finance, we advance the dialogues and catalyse the cooperation needed to better manage climate risk in an interconnected world. Our efforts to drive global cooperation on adaptation reflect our own ethos and approach – to work collaboratively with one another and in cooperation with many actors around the world, cutting across silos and sectors.

Person in blue short sleeve shirt wearing straw hat overlooking green rice patties far below, Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines, May 2020
Photo: Michael Rivera / Unsplash.


Video: SEI / YouTube.

Video: SEI / YouTube.

Adaptation Without Borders

Graphic: Adaptation Without Borders.