When: Friday, 7 December, 13:45 – 14:45
Where: Marrakech Room, University of Silesia, 11b Bankowa Street, Katowice, Poland

A panel discussion will consider the history of trade in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.The discussion will explore specific issues such as the World Trade Organization and the role of regional trade agreements, border carbon adjustments, and strategies to reconcile trade law and policy with the need to ensure the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement.

This panel is presented by the Centre for International Governance Innovation, together with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Law School and the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)


  • Harro van Asselt, Professor of Climate Law and Policy, UEF Law School and SEI Associate
  • Susan Biniaz, Legal Advisor, Columbia Law School
  • Susanne Droege, Senior Fellow, Global Issues Division, SWP
  • Silvia Maciunas, Deputy Director, International Law Research Program, CIGI
  • Maria Panezi, Fellow, International Law Research Program, CIGI