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Policy dialogue on low carbon agriculture

This policy dialogue on low-carbon agriculture in the Greater Mekong Subregion will discuss the challenges presented by climate change and identify policy strategies to reduce GHG emissions in the agricultural sector. SEI Research Fellow, Dr Stefan Bößner will present on technological and capacity gaps in low-carbon and low-emission agriculture and how policymakers can address them.

29 March 2023
Vientiane, Laos and Online

Laos PDR

The Greater Mekong Subregion has been undergoing diverse and rapid agricultural transformation over the last decades and contributing majorly to the global food supply. However, the agricultural sector is also a significant source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making it essential for the region to reduce GHG emissions and mitigate short- and long-term impacts of climate change and environmental trade-offs in transitioning agricultural systems.

The dialogue aims to be an ongoing process that requires collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders to find solutions that will help reduce GHG emissions in the agricultural sector and support the long-term sustainability and resilience of farming communities in the region.


Session 3: Ways forward for low-carbon agriculture in the GMS

Discussion on opportunities, challenges, and way forward on how policy and governance can support low-carbon agriculture transition and GHG emission reduction


  • Facilitator: Mr. Soren Hansen, TA-9915 Thematic Lead Facilitating Low Carbon Transitions
  • WGE Cambodia
  • WGE China
  • WGE Lao PDR
  • WGE Thailand
  • WGE Viet Nam
  • Mr. Heloise Buckland, CEO and co-founder, Husk Ventures
  • Dr. Stefan Bößner, Research Fellow, SEI

Hybrid event (Vientiane, Lao PDR and online)

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SEI participants

Stefan Bößner
Stefan Bößner

Research Fellow

SEI Asia

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