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SDG Synergies: a tool to support decision-making in implementing the 2030 Agenda

SEI will host a virtual training session focused on SDG Synergies.

12 July 2023
United States and Online
SDG Synergies

SDG Synergies by SEI

SDG Synergies is a practical tool for understanding how groups of policy areas and targets interact, using systems thinking. Designed by researchers at Stockholm Environment Institute originally to support governments in implementing Sustainable Development Goals, SDG Synergies could be invaluable within and beyond the field of sustainability.

This session aims to enhance uptake and capacity to use SDG Synergies, targeting specifically potential users from governments, academia, and civil society worldwide. The HLPF is an opportunity to showcase SDG Synergies at key policy events to advance knowledge in cross-impact interactions for the SDGs. From SEI, we want to advance skills acquisition for using the tool, supporting peer-to-peer collaboration, and networking.

SEI will host a training session focused on SDG Synergies. The session will be a workshop to present the features of the tool: how to use it, some examples of national and regional case studies that used the tool, and giving instructions to access the tool.

Meet our experts

Ivonne Lobos Alva

Senior Expert Researcher

SEI Latin America

Efraim Hernández

Research Associate

SEI Latin America

Daniela Maestre

Research Assistant

SEI Latin America

Åsa Persson
Åsa Persson

Research Director and Deputy Director

SEI Headquarters

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