A key challenge in Asia is how development of smallholder farming can contribute to food and nutrition security, poverty reduction and sustainable agriculture. Eighty percent of the farmland in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa is managed by smallholders. In poor countries, livelihoods of 2.5 billion people depend on the food and agriculture sector and, among those, 1.5 billion people.

Despite their important role in food security and sustainable agriculture, smallholders are the most food and financially insecure, given an array of challenges including lack of human capital, limited access to infrastructure, markets, technologies, financing, market price information, lack of national policy support, lack of access to land and emerging climate change risks.

The Asian Farmers’ Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA) , the International Land Coalition (ILC), and the People’s Campaign for Agrarian Reform Network (AR Now!) are organising a regional event entitled, Sustaining Family Farming in Asia Through Inclusive, Farmer-Driven Approaches.

This event is supported by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia’s Strategic Collaborative Fund, which aims to foster regional cooperation and policy dialogue for sustainable development and environmental sustainability, through capacity building, knowledge sharing and increased collaboration.