SDG Synergies official website.

To deliver on sustainability targets, governments, international agencies, private sector companies and other organizations need to plan efficiently, balancing priorities, seizing synergies and mitigating trade-offs.

SDG Synergies is invaluable to anyone who needs to make strategic decisions that involve multiple interacting targets and interests. To date it has been used by national and regional governments around the world, universities and more. It has had a great impact in countries such as Colombia and Mongolia, and it has been applied in areas such as mining, energy, higher education, EU environmental targets and SDG progress reporting.

The new website aims to introduce SDG Synergies more widely, and by the end of this year will host a free, interactive version of the tool that can be used independently.

“Policy coherence is at the heart of successful SDG implementation. Policymakers need to learn how to think systemically and prioritize targets while minimizing trade-offs. SDG Synergies is a cutting-edge tool that facilitates this process, while producing data that can be used for integrated policy design and research”

— Måns Nilsson, SEI Executive Director

This is an important step towards SEI’s ambition to develop new tools to address sustainable development challenges and decision problems at different scales contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world.

The SDG Synergies tool will soon be available free to use.