Tiit is climate and energy policy expert concentrating on the implementation of UN FCCC and Kyoto Protocol flexible mechanisms. In particular, Joint Implementation and Emissions Trading. Energy efficiency and renewable energy wider deployment have been in his focus for longer time.

In 1995 the climate policy studies were launched and some years later SEI Tallinn was nominated by the Government as an Implementing Agency for two UNEP climate programmes in Estonia. He has been working on EU Emissions trading directives accommodation in Estonia and prepared the National Allocation Plans for the periods 2005-2007 and 2008-2012 under the request of Estonian Government.

Work experience before SEI

Right after diploma Tiit worked for 2 years in Tallinn Technical University in the Department of physical chemistry. Thereafter Tiit worked for 20 years in the Estonian Academy of Sciences in the field of environmental economics and air pollution modelling and forecasting with the help of mathematical methods.


  • Tallinn Technical University cum laude (1971)
    PhD from the Estonian Academy of Sciences in ecological economics (1981)