This project is one of two projects, that jointly form a cooperative project “EU Climate Action Dialogues” and addresses two processes that are central to achieving climate neutrality: (1) Making climate policy a central issue of EU reform (Future of the EU); (2) the development and implementation of national long-term climate strategies (Climate Recon 2050).

In both instances, the project combines analysis with dialogue to inform political debate.

The Future of the EU aims to making climate policy a central issue of EU reform. The importance of the EU reform process for climate policies and vice versa is not fully recognized. The Conference on the Future of Europe is an opportunity to change this. The project establishes a network of leading think tanks from eight Member States to

  • monitor domestic debates on the Future of Europe and its link to climate policies,
  • “translate” EU discussions to the national context,
  • regularly contribute to domestic debates on the EU,
  • provide expertise on climate policy and EU affairs to citizens.

The project will reach the target audience through media articles, targeted papers, workshops, and social media.

The overall goal of the project is to advance EU climate policy through collaboration and dialogue.

The project will:

  • contribute to a more informed debate on the future of the EU, including greater awareness of the needs and expectations in target countries;
  • better align the EU reform discussion with the needs and expectations articulated in these countries, thereby increasing ownership;
  • strengthen the case that no country is able to solve international problems alone. Climate change is a prime example of a problem that requires international cooperation. The project will demonstrate that nobody has understood this better than the EU, which is the vanguard of robust cooperation and advanced multilateralism.

Project partners

The project is divided into two distinct pillars, each with its own Dialogue element.

The Future of the EU – Making climate policy a central issue of EU reform

Climate Recon 2050 – a Dialogue on long-term strategies

The project is funded by European Climate Initiative (EUKI) .