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Brigita Tool

Junior Expert (Climate, Energy and Atmosphere Programme)

Brigita Tool joined SEI Tallinn in March 2022, after being an intern in summer 2021. Currently, Brigita is working as a Junior Expert for the Climate, Energy and Atmosphere team.

Her interests include topics like LULUCF and carbon removal technologies, societal transitions (mainly from the food perspective), urban planning and design as well as environmental policy and sociology. Since Brigita is passionate towards a variety of topics and sees overlaps between them, she believes we need systems thinking to achieve a wide-scale green transition.

Brigita has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Protection and Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy from the Estonian University of Life Sciences. Before joining SEI she worked with youth on various topics regarding climate change like renewable energy, fair transitioning from oil shale production and sustainable diets with the NGO Estonian Fund for Nature.

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