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  • Programme Director, Senior Expert (Sustainable Development Programme)

The theme of the Forum was food production and waste in the context of climate change. The Forum keynote speakers were renowned leaders and experts of sustainable development, consumption and production from international organisations (FAO, IPBES, SIANI) as well as from Estonia.

SEI Tallinn also honoured outstanding enterprises of the Estonian agricultural and food business with the green economy promoter award “Climate Friend 2016” at the Forum.

As part of the Forum, SEI Tallinn organised the publication of the book „Big World, Small Planet“ by Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum in Estonian and it was launched at the event by the Swedish Ambassador to Estonia Mr Anders Ljunggren.

The Forum was funded by the Environmental Investment Centre and the Government Office.

The Sustainable Development Forums are organised biannually since 2005 by SEI Tallinn together with partners in order to bring sustainability issues to the forefront of public discourse and to increase the impact of sustainable development in the society.

What can each of us do to avoid a pollinators crisis? – Dr Simon Potts

How to motivate people to waste less food – Emilie Wieben from FAO

How to end world hunger by 2030? – Madeleine Fogde, SIANI