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Unlocking the G20’s Green Public Procurement potential

Green Public Procurement (GPP) practices in the construction sector have the potential to support countries’ decarbonization initiatives. Harnessing this potential will require concerted efforts within and among G20 countries.

This policy brief recommends how governments can practice GPP more effectively.

This brief is part of T20 2023, hosted by India.


Torres Morales, E., Skinner, F., Hemingway, P., Axelsson, K. & Piirsalu, E. (2023). Unlocking the G20’s Green Public Procurement Potential. Think20.

Construction workers pour and spread wet concrete at a road construction site

Photo: Jung Getty / Getty Images

With strategic public procurement, G20 members can send signals to global markets that bolster the green transition in hard-to-abate sectors such as steel and cement. Implementing Green Public Procurement (GPP) allows the public sector to reduce its environmental impact and helps G20 members fulfil their climate commitments.

However, collaboration within and among G20 nations is necessary for effective and ambitious reform in public purchasing. Governments must implement effective monitoring, clear mandates, upskilling and time-bound targets to harness GPP’s full potential.

SEI authors

Eileen Torres
Eileen Torres-Morales

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

Katarina Axelsson
Katarina Axelsson

Senior Policy Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Evelin Piirsalu

Senior Expert (Green and Circular Economic Transformations Unit)

SEI Tallinn

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