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Accelerating the EU’s uptake of green public procurement

This project uses case studies to generate lessons learned and foster stronger Green Public Procurement policy in EU member states.

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Project contact

Astrid Nilsson Lewis

Governments within the EU spend approximately €1.8 trillion each year on works, goods and services, accounting for around 14% of the EU’s GDP. EU’s public authorities and member states thus have a key role to play in accelerating the development and uptake of low-carbon technologies, including through green public procurement (GPP).

While GPP best practices are emerging, implementation has been slow. It is crucial to unpack the barriers to GPP in individual member states in order to remove them.

This project aims to create greater coherence between policies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and policies on GPP targets, as well as increase policy support for the design of GPP implementation frameworks and for harmonized GPP target setting. These objectives contribute to the establishment of a mandatory GPP policy in the EU, which would in turn lead to significant GHG emission reductions in the road transport and construction sectors.

This project is funded by Breakthrough Energy.

Evelin Piirsalu

Senior Expert (Green and Circular Economic Transformations Unit)

SEI Tallinn

Katarina Axelsson
Katarina Axelsson

Senior Policy Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Eileen Torres
Eileen Torres-Morales

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

Lynsi Burton

Communications Officer



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