Most policies currently in the Repository focus on cooking. This was intentional, because cooking with polluting fuels results in a larger disease burden than other household energy end-uses.

That said, policies focusing on transitions to cleaner household heating and lighting are also well represented in the Repository.

It includes information on policy implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), as well as independent impact assessments where available. Our hope is that policymakers and other stakeholders will use the Repository to find
examples of how other countries have implemented certain policies, understand the challenges that were encountered and use this information to inform the design of their own policies. The Repository is designed to grow and evolve, and the research team will continue to populate it as other policies are identified or implemented. Readers of this report and Repository users are encouraged to submit policies, legislative action, and independent evaluations of policies for inclusion in the future, as well as suggested corrections for existing entries if users notice any errors or omissions.