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SEI Asia’s work involves partnership building, policy engagement and communications. Our collaborative partnership approach engages with a diversity of groups and sectors ranging from academia, media and policy to civil society and the private sector. SEI also hosts and partners with environmental events in Asia to build capacity and enable learning in the region. Our communications helps disseminate our work across a wide variety of audiences around the world.

Along with work in our research areas , SEI Asia is involved in a number of other activities including:

  • Online courses

    SEI Asia is developing a number of massive open online courses on environmental topics of relevance to Asia.

  • SDG delivery in Asia

    SEI’s research and policy engagement contributes to Agenda 2030 implementation in the region.

  • Tools and resources

    We work with a range of tools and resources to help scientists and policymakers in assessments, surveys, evaluations and decision-support systems.

Below you’ll find research, publications, perspectives and events related to SEI Asia.

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