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Latin American Sanitation Conference (LatinoSan) 2022

The Sanitation and Health team of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) will participate at the VI Latin American Sanitation Conference (LatinoSan), highlighting the results of the Bolivia WATCH Program and the work of the SEI on sustainable sanitation.

LatinoSan is an event organized every three years since 2007 that aims to position sanitation as a priority in the Latin American region and stimulate new actions towards Sustainable Development Goal 6.

7 to 12 October 2022


7 October 2022 (side event)


Virtual seminar 4: “Integrated Water Resources Management”

11:05–11:10am Introduction

  • Carla Liera, SEI

11:20–11:30am Lecture

Integration of the concept of decentralized sustainable sanitation in the comprehensive management of water resources

  • Nhilce Esquivel Gómez, SEI

11:20–11:30am Round table

  • Luis Manuel Martínez Rivera, University of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Nhilce Esquivel Gómez, SEI
  • Fabiola S. Sosa Rodríguez, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico
  • José Ochoa Iturbe, Metropolitan University of Caracas, Venezuela

Moderated by: Carla Liera, SEI

This session will take place in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English and Portuguese.

Webinar Registration – Zoom
Meeting ID: 854 0108 4700

SuSanA event program (side events)

11 October 2022


Salón Esmeralda del Hotel Regina, Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Session 3: Evaluation of treatment and reuse of domestic wastewater in Latin America

Moderator: Nhilce Esquivel, SEI – Introduction (5 minutes)


  • Renato Montoya, Aguatuya, Bolivia – Exhibiting sustainable management models (15 minutes)
  • Oliver Saavedra, Universidad Privada Boliviana, Bolivia – Exhibiting the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants (15 minutes)
  • Rosa Miglio, Research Centre of National Agrarian University – La Molina, Peru – Sustainable treatment technologies (15 minutes)
  • Linus Dagerskog, SEI – Clean & Green framework, highlighting reuse opportunities linked to sanitation (15 minutes)

Closing remarks: Luis Guzmán, EU (5 minutes)

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LatinoSan Conference

12 October 2022

3:50–4:50 pm

Session 3.1 “Social peace: a new management approach for access to water and sanitation services”


  • Carla Liera, SEI, and Irma Peredo, UNICEF Bolivia – Opportunities for scaling-up decentralized sanitation systems in Montero, Santa Cruz – Bolivia (17 minutes)

Session 4.1 “Integrated solid waste management and its impact on water bodies”


  • Linus Dagerskog, SEI, Sergio Cristobal, UNICEF, and Eliezer Franco and Rodolfo Pasinetti, COOPI – “Towards a framework for integrated risk and resource management: beyond ending open defecation in Bolivia” (17 minutes).


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SEI participants

Carla Liera
Carla Liera

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

Nhilce N. Esquivel
Nhilce N. Esquivel

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

Linus Dagerskog
Linus Dagerskog

Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Adriana Soto
Adriana Soto Trujillo

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

Marta Anguera
Marta Anguera

Engagement Officer

SEI Headquarters

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