7 October 2022 (side event)


Virtual seminar 4: “Integrated Water Resources Management”

11:05–11:10am Introduction

  • Carla Liera, SEI

11:20–11:30am Lecture

Integration of the concept of decentralized sustainable sanitation in the comprehensive management of water resources

  • Nhilce Esquivel Gómez, SEI

11:20–11:30am Round table

  • Luis Manuel Martínez Rivera, University of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Nhilce Esquivel Gómez, SEI
  • Fabiola S. Sosa Rodríguez, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico
  • José Ochoa Iturbe, Metropolitan University of Caracas, Venezuela

Moderated by: Carla Liera, SEI

This session will take place in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation into English and Portuguese.

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Meeting ID: 854 0108 4700

SuSanA event program (side events)

11 October 2022


Salón Esmeralda del Hotel Regina, Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Session 3: Evaluation of treatment and reuse of domestic wastewater in Latin America

Moderator: Nhilce Esquivel, SEI – Introduction (5 minutes)


  • Renato Montoya, Aguatuya, Bolivia – Exhibiting sustainable management models (15 minutes)
  • Oliver Saavedra, Universidad Privada Boliviana, Bolivia – Exhibiting the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants (15 minutes)
  • Rosa Miglio, Research Centre of National Agrarian University – La Molina, Peru – Sustainable treatment technologies (15 minutes)
  • Linus Dagerskog, SEI – Clean & Green framework, highlighting reuse opportunities linked to sanitation (15 minutes)

Closing remarks: Luis Guzmán, EU (5 minutes)

LatinoSan Conference

12 October 2022

3:50–4:50 pm

Session 3.1 “Social peace: a new management approach for access to water and sanitation services”


  • Carla Liera, SEI, and Irma Peredo, UNICEF Bolivia – Opportunities for scaling-up decentralized sanitation systems in Montero, Santa Cruz – Bolivia (17 minutes)

Session 4.1 “Integrated solid waste management and its impact on water bodies”


  • Linus Dagerskog, SEI, Sergio Cristobal, UNICEF, and Eliezer Franco and Rodolfo Pasinetti, COOPI – “Towards a framework for integrated risk and resource management: beyond ending open defecation in Bolivia” (17 minutes).


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