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Lectures by the honorary doctors, SLU 2022

Congratulations to SEI Senior Expert, Agriculture, Land and Bioeconomy Team Leader and Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) Programme Director Madeleine Fogde, who was appointed honorary doctor by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ (SLU) Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences in September 2022!

The eight honorary doctors for 2022 will present popular science lectures in Uppsala, Sweden in Swedish and English on 7 October 2022.

7 to 8 October 2022
Uppsala, Sweden and Online

Loftets hörsal, SLU, Duhrevägen 8, 756 51

SLU's latest honorary doctors

Photo: SLU.

The lectures will take place the day before the doctoral award ceremony on 8 October 2022. The topics range from communication between vets and animal owners to plant diseases that are or may become serious threats to global food security. Among the honorary doctors are the winner of the World Food Prize in 2021 and one of the first female officials in the Swedish forestry sector.

Follow the lectures live in the Loftet lecture theatre at SLU in Uppsala or via the live broadcast.

Programme 7 October 2022

09.00 Communication counts
Madeleine Fogde
Programme Director, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science

09.30 Transformation of food systems: Aquatic foods for nourishing people and planet
Shakuntala Thilsted
Dr, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science

10.00 Coffee/Tea

10.30 Skogen, människan och naturen ur olika perspektiv – Reflektioner från mitt skogsliv (in Swedish)
Monika Stridsman
Forester, Honorary Doctor of Forest Sciences

11.00 Challenges with forest logistics
Mikael Rönnqvist
Professor, Honorary Doctor of Forest Sciences

11.30 Food, fungi and the future
Sarah Gurr
Professor, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science

12.00 Lunch break

13.30 Myten om vidareförädling (in Swedish)
Rune Andersson
Director, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science

14.00 Den tredje agrara revolutionen, från produktion och konsumtion till relation (in Swedish)
Gunnar Rundgren
Farmer, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science

14.30 Quantitative evidence versus human behaviours, attitudes, and desires: the need for a broader approach
Brenda Bonnett
Dr, Honorary Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Watch the recording (starts at 13:19)

Video: SLU / YouTube.

Watch the 2022 SLU Doctoral Award Ceremony (starts at 1:21:47)

Video: SLU / YouTube.

SEI honoree

Madeleine Fogde
Madeleine Fogde

Senior Project Manager

SEI Headquarters

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