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The Adaptation Without Borders partnership is founded on the belief that the global effects of climate change require solutions beyond the adaptation efforts of any single government. Policy discourses around adaptation have focused at the national or local level. We seek to change the narrative and drive action to establish adaptation as a global public good that warrants significantly more investment and attention than it currently attracts.

The partnership brings together the research capacities and convening powers of a range of partners to explore the global implications of transboundary climate risks, create opportunities to strengthen international cooperation and pave the way towards genuine global resilience.

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SEI is an international non-profit research and policy organization working on environmental and development challenges. SEI aims to bridge science and policy to develop solutions for a sustainable future for all.



ODI logo ODI is a global think tank specializing in development and humanitarian issues. ODI’s vision is a sustainable and peaceful world in which every person thrives.


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IDDRI is an independent policy research institute and dialogue platform working to put sustainable development at the heart of international relations and public and private policy.

Our growing number of partner organizations also provide extensive geographic expertise in regions including the Sahel, the Caribbean, the Hindu Kush Himalayas and Europe. They also bring specialist knowledge on the implications of climate risk for agriculture and pastoralism, global trade and financial flows, food and water security, sustainable livelihoods, conflict and human mobility, disaster risk reduction, law and governance and private-sector adaptation.