The CASCADE project activities are as follows:

  • A Baltic Sea Region (BSR) focused overview of climate change related risks with different characters will be prepared. The overview will cover the current risks (e.g. floods, forest fires, hurricanes, etc.) and new climate-related risks such as e.g. mass immigration or economic and political uncertainty, which could also be indirectly influenced and evolve due to the climate change impact.
  • A guideline for supporting strategic planning in the field of disaster risk reduction and climate change at a local level will be developed. Analysis of barriers and obstacles to implementing the guidelines will be carried out.
  • Developing a curriculum for the trainers, and training materials and organising pilot training course for the trainers and specific target groups.
  • Mapping the status of climate change risks assessment legislation and practices in the BSR. The analysis will serve as a basis in the policy dialogue for identifying coordination and cooperation activities, for increasing coherence on climate risks assessment approaches and legislation in BSR, in the agenda of the policy dialogue.
  • CASCADE will also organize policy dialogues between local, national, macro-regional, and international actors, to develop policy recommendations to increase policy coherence in the BSR.