In the framework of the ClimVis project user surveys will be conducted in 5 countries, coordinated and summarized via country coordinating partners. We also plan to conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. With those steps we want explore needs and demands of potential end users, and to learn how they perceive climate information of existing tools. We also plan to learn more about the potential to improve the existing data foundation and about technical opportunities to create a user-friendly, but reliable tool.

Project goals:

The overarching goal of ClimVis is to collect all the necessary information needed to create a meaningful European climate data visualisation tool combining past, present and future observed and modelled data. Also, to

  • Identify relevant user groups
  • Conduct a survey among potential users to identify their needs
  • Establish relationships to key users and explore their needs and demands
  • Clarify data issues (quality, availabiliy, timeliness etc.)
  • Combine necessary competences for a future technical implementation
  • Compile a funding application for implementation


The project is funded by:

Project partners

    • University of Krakow
    • Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological systems Tomsk
    • External partner: Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
    • External partner: Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute