The Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development raise significant planning, policy and implementation challenges for the countries charged with achieving their aims.

Both missions affect a complex array of social, technical, political and economic issues; and both require vigorous action now. Recognizing the stakes and the interconnectedness of the underlying systems, parties to these accords have endorsed integrated planning approaches to address climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

Yet between theory and practice lies a substantial gap. Fragmented and deficient plans are the result. Moreover, an inability to link disparate development objectives can contribute to lower national ambitions at a time when greater ambition is needed.

The SEI Initiative on Integrated Climate and Development Planning responds to these challenges. Working with national planners and decision makers in lower-income countries, the initiative enables strategic approaches reach both climate and development aims. The initiative leverages technological and methodological advances. It builds and reinforces capacity of in-country planners to achieve their goals, and to enhance their ambitions.

The Integrated Climate and Development Planning Initiative builds on SEI’s existing research on assessing interdependencies between NDCs and SDGs, as well as work in the completed Initiative on Low Emission Development Pathways.


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The Low Emissions Analysis Platform (LEAP) is a powerful, versatile system for energy planning and climate change mitigation assessment.