weADAPT.org is an online ‘open space’ focusing on climate adaptation issues (including the synergies between adaptation and mitigation), which enables practitioners, researchers and policy makers to access credible, high quality information and to share experiences and lessons learnt with the weADAPT community. weADAPT is designed to: facilitate shared learning, collaboration and knowledge integration on a range of issues ; foster an online professional community of practice around climate adaptation; and develop and offer access to policy-relevant tools and guidance for adaptation planning and decision-making. A new version of weADAPT was released in March 2011 in time for the 5th Community Based Adaptation conference in Bangladesh. To learn more take a journey through weADAPT .

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Tools available

Adaptation Layer is a weADAPT-Google Earth interface to locate who is doing what and where in the field of adaptation to climate variability and change. This tool allows you to browse case studies, projects, videos, downscaled climate projections and experiences of adaptation by a spatial reference, and search by key terms, providing an instant view of what is already going on where.

The climate adaptation Knowledge Base  is an extensive set of articles covering a variety of topics pertaining to climate adaptation. It is now an even more flexible, accessible and inclusive medium for enhancing a user’s knowledge and learning on climate adaptation by enabling users both to review existing articles and to create their own articles in order to share their work and experiences.

  Climate Adaptation Options Explorer (ADX)  is a decision support tool to screen adaptation options and provide guidance on selecting locally suitable and appropriate strategies, recognizing and accepting various sources of uncertainty and differing degrees of confidence. This tool is currently in the prototype phase, being tested with various users and developed further.

Climate Information Portal (CIP) provides and visualizes historical climate data and a range of projected future climates from multiple climate models, while guiding users through the robust interpretation of this content.

Introduction to weADAPT. Video: weADAPT / YouTube .

What’s new

In an exciting collaboration between weADAPT and the Climate Systems Analysis Group, at the University of Cape Town, we have been exploring innovative ways of combining access to climate adaptation projects with downscaled climate data .

Based on feedback from users over the last year we have created a new and easy way to QuickShare (English  | Spanish ) your work with others in the weADAPT network.

Thematic areas to explore

  1. Economics of adaptation
  2. Global Initiative on Community-Based Adaptation (GICBA)
  3. Adaptation Decision Making
  4. Using climate science in adaptation
  5. Transforming governance

Additional themes, networks and projects are available on the weADAPT website.